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Dear Friends and Family in our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ,

Christ is in our midst!

It is with incredible joy and heavenly exultation that we share the good news of the formation of the Evangelist Luke Orthodox Mission Church (ELOMC). This mission church, inspired by the Holy Spirit and sprung in the heart and mind of our pastor, Fr. Gregory Patsis, is now taking root: Through the prayers and support of so many of the faithful, the Mission “that could” is fast becoming the Mission “that would” and will!

Please take the time to browse our site.  In our story, you will learn a lot about who we are; how and why we got started.   In the “FAQ” section, among other things, you will find out what a "Greek" priest is doing with a "Russian" bishop!  (Quick answer: Establishing this mission church for one).  Somewhere there's a brief bio of Fr. Gregory.

Our hope is that you will find a home with us and confirm our steadfast desire to establish a Holy Orthodox communion firmly rooted in the canons and practices of the Ancient Church while meeting the unique needs of our American friends and neighbors.

We hope to see you at service and, God-willing, we pray that the Holy Spirit enliven your soul. We sincerely believe that the ELOMC will be that place where your commitment to Holy Orthodoxy is strengthened and reinvigorated.

With prayers and blessings in the Risen Lord!

Fr. Gregory and the Koinovia (Brethren) of the Evangelist Luke Orthodox Mission Church

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