The Evangelist Luke Orthodox Mission Church (ELOMC) offers a unique experience of Orthodoxy.  Not that we are by any means a “New” Church; in fact, we are only “New” in the sense that we are committed to the "Old": to remain faithful to the tried and true practices of Holy Orthodox Tradition and to divest ourselves of non-Orthodox practices that have entered into some Orthodox communions over time .

So, in many respects, the ELOMC is an “Old” church designed to meet the challenges of a “New” world.  Since the ELOMC will be a new experience for many, we wanted to provide a list of “Facts” about us.

What are the languages used during service?

When most people learn that you are Orthodox Christian, the next question invariably is: Do you have to be Greek (Russian, Serbian, Romanian, etc. etc.) to be Orthodox?  The simple answer is: No; the Orthodox Church is a Universal Communion with churches in every continent on the planet.  However, there is a good reason that most people associate Orthodoxy with an ethnic group and that is, for the most part, the majority of Orthodox parishes hold fast to the ethnic expression upon which the parish was founded.  We're a bit different: the Evangelist Luke Orthodox Mission Church was founded to appeal to American seekers as well as to Orthodox Christians that have either become fully immersed in American society or who don't want ethnicity with their Orthodoxy.  In this context, it is only fitting that English is the predominate liturgical language.  And since Fr. Gregory was trained in the Byzantine Tradition, some Liturgical Greek is used in our worship.  That said, since America is the "Land of the Immigrant," we welcome all peoples and will do our best to fit in your native tongue where appropriate.   Orthodox and non-Orthodox of all backgrounds will feel at home at the ELOMC.

What Liturgical tradition will be expressed during worship?

As mentioned above, Fr. Gregory is a “Greek” Priest trained in the Byzantine Orthodox Tradition. Therefore, the liturgical style will be predominately Byzantine.

What Liturgical Calendar will ELOMC follow?

The ELOMC serves under the blessing and supervision of His Eminence Hilarion, Metropolitan of the Eastern American Diocese and First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad (ROCOR). Since ROCOR follows the “Traditional” or Julian Orthodox Calendar, the ELOMC will operate under the Traditional Calendar (we use the term “Traditional” instead of “Old” to avoid the polemics of “Old” v. “New” Calendar). What this means is that liturgically, we are thirteen days behind the Western Calendar.  For Orthodox Christians who have been brought up following the Western calendar, it may take a little getting used to; however, for mixed-faith families, no longer is there a conflict when choosing  to celebrate Christmas, for example as couples can now celebrate them together: the first on December 25th and the other January 7th (which is the 25th of December on the Traditional Julian Calendar).

Where does ELOMC meet for worship?

The ELOMC has found a temporary home in the Day Care Center sponsored by the Zion Episcopal Church, 12 Satterlee Pl, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 opposite Mesier Park in the Village of Wappingers Falls where East and West Main Streets meet in the center of town  At the eastern border, there is a traffic light. If coming from the south on Rt. 9D, the entrance to the Zion Church is on the left just before the traffic light. If coming from the north, continue onto Rt. 9D heading south and the entrance is your first right. Go straight to the church and the classrooms are on the left facing west towards the back. We’ll have signs to point you in the right direction.

What time are Services?

ELOMC meets three times a week for services: Divine Liturgy on Sundays, including Orthros (Matins) that begins at 8:00am; the Supplicatory Prayer Service to the Holy Mother of God (Paraklesis, Gk.; Moleben, Slavonic) Wednesdays at 7:00pm. And finally, we gather on Saturday evenings for Great Vespers at 7:00pm.  All services take place in one of the classrooms of the Zion Episcopal Church Day Care Center.

Where is the Day Care Center of Zion Episcopal Church Located and in Which Classroom does ELOMC Gather?

The Day Care Center of the Zion Episcopal Church is located directly under the Sanctuary of the Zion Episcopal Church.  The entrance is on the left side of the Zion Episcopal Church, the middle door of the building and the Day Care Center is located straight through the foyer and down the stairs. This brings you to the entrance of the Day Care Center. The classroom that we are using is last classroom on your left, first door.

Are there any specific items the ELOMC needs right now?

Since we are truly just beginning this blessed endeavor, you can imagine that we need just about everything: Lecterns for the Chanter; a censer stand to hold the censer are just a couple of items that we need. The blessed thing about a Mission startup is the power of improvisation; well, we’ll be testing this blessing to its limit!! As with all Mission startups, we depend on contributors and benefactors such as yourselves. So whatever you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Is the ELOMC setup to take financial contributions?

Yes, go to the "Donation" tab above on our website!  Thank you for that!

Additionally, ELOMC maintains a bank account with Chase Bank. For those that may want to make ongoing electronic contributions, our account information is: Routing No. 022300173; Account No. 231978773.  Checks can be mailed to: ELOMC, c/o Fr. Gregory Patsis, 49 Patricia Ln., Hyde Park, NY 12538-2713. We are in the process of applying for official IRS tax-exempt status, however, as an incorporated religious organization all contributions and donations to the ELOMC are tax-deductible.

Can I get more information?


Please call us at: (845) 475-5673, or email us at  We have set up a convenient "Contact Us" on top of our website.

Peace and blessings in the Risen Lord!

Fr. Gregory and the Koinovia (Brethren) of the Evangelist Luke Orthodox Mission Church

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